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[sticky post] Moderated membership [May. 30th, 2013|01:00 pm]


Hi everyone!
We received a few requests for this lately in light of all the spam posters and commenters that have shown up recently, so until further notice, membership is set to moderated. Mainly, we'll be turning down anyone that looks like they have just recently joined, have no/only one journal post, or in other ways might look like a possible bot. If we have rejected your request to join in error, please notify me and let me know!

Thanks guys!
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MC "guild group" ... [Nov. 23rd, 2014|12:38 pm]

Dear Patronas-Stormrage and the entitled pricks of War Machine-Stormrage,

Just because you queue LFR with thirty-one guildies does not mean it is a "guild run". Whispering my guildies and telling them not to do anything does not mean they have to listen to you. Threatening to kick anyone who disagrees with you .... just wow. What a power trip.

But thank you, Patronas, for being a total scumbag and making it easier to report you by saying "kick the tard" when I disagreed with your treatment of anyone not in your guild as trash.

OF COURSE my guildie who queued and accepted the queue as tank is going to die when he pulls trash when seven of the healers are from YOUR guild. I can imagine the furious "don't heal him!" whispers in Vent. Even if some/most of your healer guildies aren't total dickheads there's no way they would have known to heal him because you manually changed his role to DPS. He didn't agree to the role change, so way to go with abuses of randomly given power.

I queued with four people, so the remaining five DPS not in either of our guilds I can only assume had the typical I-don't-care-if-it-doesn't-effect me attitude or "I better fall in-line with this arsehole guild or I might get kicked". I wouldn't be surprised if your heavy-handed behaviour meant it was the latter case, but since my group contained two tanks and one healer maybe you felt like, I don't know, you needed to beat us down with threats and abuse to get your way?

I'm not sure if it makes me more angry that entitled jerks so easily get their way in-game or sad that this is a fairly typical sample of people I meet in random groups in WoW.
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Dear Week one: [Nov. 15th, 2014|05:35 am]

HI guys. It's your friendly neighbourhood gobbo tankenstien.

Repeat after me:
You pull it, you tank it.


This is launch week.
My tank gear is a shotgun of crap from current quest gear to mythic warforged.
I might have connection issues.
The heals might have connection issues.
Considering all this, I pull what I'm comfortable pulling.

If you AoE an extra pack.
If you wonder like a dope'rel (or sleep'rey, or any of the seven dwarves) into the boss's pat path.
If you're QQ boarrrred, We one pulled dungeons a week ago, I want MOAR face charge mobs!

You tank it.

In case you missed it, and I know you did, some of this trash has CC. You over pull it, and it will freaking CC the heals, then rip the party a new asshole. If however, you let your tank and healer try the first few packs, and settle into a rhythm comfortable for both of us, we will get through this in a minimum amount of time.
Love your friendly neighbourhood gobbo warrior (who might be turning into Seeth'rel, Anger'rel and several other of the seven dwarves. But Not Doc. Bandage heals dont count.) .

To that gobbo rouge.
If the tank is poking the heals to see if they have DCed in /instance, seriously don't pull it. Even more seriously, don't stand in its AoE after pulling it. You should thank your ass the lazor chicken was a tree a few weeks ago and knew what to do.

To minty fresh OOMkins. I know many of you were trees a few weeks ago, and easily could pull and kite to the tank. IN this gobbo's Draenor, if you want to pull things, you need to be specced into bear. If you try this in lazor chicken you need to self heal so hard you run out of mana faster than milk in the presence of them new cat peeps. Keep your chins up, and here's hoping level 100 will see you back to tree forms.

To the DPS that don't pull things for me. Love you guys, srsli.

And now, a Special note to other tanks.
I know, Believe me I know, you're used to the fact that gaining 2 levels means you're an all powerful, unkillable force of nature in the overworld map. Given the way cata and panda levelling curves worked, I know you never even came across a mob that was more than 3 levels higher than you outside of a boss.

Lets introduce you to a mechanic that anyone who didn't tank in BC is likely to be unfamiliar with.

Any mob more than three levels higher than you can score a Crushing blow. This is like a critical on steroids. It is designed in such a fashion that if it is not mitigated, you will DIE.
This means if your puny ass is 96 or less, a level 100 mob WILL one shot your ass.
This aint BC kiddies. You can't layer in PVP and tank gear to stack enough block to save your level 92 ass from the crush. You probably won't time your cooldowns well enough to save your level 92 ass from the crush, this aint prince hotpants and these level 100 elite world mobs do not telegraph.
Stop trying to claim you can tank it, level doesn't matter. Level DOES matter. once you reach that magic level 97, no more crushing blows for you.
And for the love of Durotar and all that is sacred, don't blame the healers when you explode into a meat shower. You have 100K health, and are eating 150K hits. Aint nobody healing you through that.

Signed, that gobbo who just wants you to check your combat log so you know the mechanic is there damnit.
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Dear Ranting Huffypants, [Nov. 14th, 2014|07:09 am]

Let's play a game. A game of imagination. I know you have it in you, since you're all getting very creative with your insults on the general forums.

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This is launch week.
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QQ the queue [Nov. 14th, 2014|06:24 am]

[Current Mood |grumpygrumpy]

Dear Blizzard logon servers,

I understand the need for a logon queue. Resources are limited, demand is high, I can be patient.

But why do I see my position in the queue going UP the longer I sit in it? Doesn't that, in fact, defeat the entire POINT of a QUEUE?

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(no subject) [Nov. 13th, 2014|08:44 am]

Dear Blizzard,

You know, so far I am loving this xpac.  I mean it.  I'm loving it.  I've just been derping around, soloing stuff, having fun with my garrison, gathering resources, etc.

But... let's talk about the stables.

I love my stables.  I love that you make it so that a few random mounts in my collection rotate into my stables.  It's neat.

That said, I'm not so sure my X-53 Touring Rocket really *needs* to be attended to by a dwarf lady, or to happily putter back and forth between tasty hay piles as it stretches its legs.

Still giggling like a loon,

Greymoon the ever-diligent stable-owner
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Dear Horseman: [Oct. 26th, 2014|06:21 am]

For years, I have killed you on multiple characters, only to never see the reins drop. In fact, one year, they upped the drop rate ridiculously, and I was the ONLY active member of my guild to run it EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. on all my toons and not get the mount. My (now ex) partner got the reins ELEVEN TIMES. I saw it not.

But today... today..

THE HORSEMAN'S REINS DROPPED. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. I believe I scared my fiancee shrieking at the top of my lungs. This has been the ONE MOUNT that I have wanted DEARLY that has eluded me. And now? Now I HAVE IT. BWAHAHAHAHAHA.

So, thanks Horseman? I'm half inclined to kick you in the nuts for, what, six years of this? And half inclined to shrug it off to "Good things come to those who wait." I'm leaning towards the former, though.

BUT! I have my shiny flying vampire pony! SEE! The character is Eilwyn, my 90 dwarven death knight. I felt it was appropriate for her to fly around showing off her pretty prancing pony. (Shh, don't tell the horse with fangs I said that. I have no desire to wake up with horse fangs in my ass.)

Eilwyn's Headless Horseman's Reins photo eilwyn_horse_zpsc9c7cc1a.png

Isn't she lovely? I will have to come up with a proper name for her. Perhaps Hel, after the Norse demigodess. Or maybe just Hellbringer. Decisions, decisions.

For once, very much love, and all the Hallow's End candy you could ever want,
Eilwyn of Thorium Brotherhood
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Dear RNG [Oct. 23rd, 2014|02:53 pm]

22 ilevels in one set of lockouts.... without dropping a single heroic one handed weapon for me to use as an offhand to the loom, ya bastard. I don't know if I should hug ya or kill ya.

That 571 fury using 2 hander normals (ne flex), because LFR one handers aint worth the time and effort.

Dear RNG part 2. Seriously, I get given a mythic warforged shield because nobody else wants it? you REALY want me to tank, dont ya. Why couldnt it have been the sword from that boss instead..
Signed. that fury looking at the 449 ilevel tank set nad thinking, ya know with some charms, this might even work

Dear Frogs. Keep on Frogging.

And finally. Dear troll warrior. The RNG threw me that mythic helmet fair and square. Screaming about it wont help, and unlike the wookie you so clearly WANT to be, you cant rip my arms and legs off over the internet when you loose. Hope you enjoyed discovering your angry rage quit means you didn't get to do any more mythic this week.
That gobbo with the /roll 96 you so hate, who, once warlords comes along and she's no longer using that hat will be stashing it with the all seeing eyes in my pile of helms of utter awesome I'm keeping forever.
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Return to Healing [Oct. 22nd, 2014|12:44 pm]

Dear Utgarde Keep Group,

You guys made my return to healing a good experience! You made me feel loved and understood when I stated that I hadn't run that dungeon on my Druid yet, only on my Hunter. When we wiped, I apologized, but you tank and one dps were awesome and good enough to say it was your fault for pulling too much and had accidentally pulled an extra group. The run went fairly smoothly and I really appreciated it! I hope you all find the items you need in your loot bags! <3

-Tyramondre, the Hunter disguised as a Druid
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LF Guild Sigs! [Oct. 4th, 2014|03:55 pm]

My bank toon on Moon Guard has run out of space so I'm looking to make a bank guild

Who: Katbanktoo
Where: Human start area
Server: Moon Guard (Alliance) US

I'll be around for a while, thanks in advance!


Also, Gnomes, how the heck do you raid heal as a Druid? Anyone got any good links? I feel like I'm failing.
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