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[sticky post] Moderated membership [May. 30th, 2013|01:00 pm]


Hi everyone!
We received a few requests for this lately in light of all the spam posters and commenters that have shown up recently, so until further notice, membership is set to moderated. Mainly, we'll be turning down anyone that looks like they have just recently joined, have no/only one journal post, or in other ways might look like a possible bot. If we have rejected your request to join in error, please notify me and let me know!

Thanks guys!
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WRA-US Horde I need your help... [Aug. 17th, 2014|11:44 pm]

Dear Gnome

Can you send me someone with Mining/Engineering who can a) smelt Khorium and b) make a Khorium Power Core for me so I can get this Netherwing quest done? (Have mats and tip and the feeling Trade is ignoring me)

Some Love
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Orbzqt & Shyv/Rek of Frostmourne ... [Aug. 15th, 2014|04:57 pm]

Dear Orbzqt of Frostmourne AKA Cinnamoons of Proudmoore,

I’m guessing you’re liking hiding out on your insta-90 acting like a jerk in LFR because it won’t reflect back on your main.
Peasant! Scum! Filthy casual! Tales of Wonder from LFR!Collapse )
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(no subject) [Aug. 11th, 2014|12:03 pm]

Dear you,

When I realized what you were doing, before you confirmed it for me via whispers, it actually, genuinely prompted a pinching of the bridge of my nose, a heavy sigh, and an uttering of "are you shitting me."

Look, I purposely came out here to farm for leather.  I purposely chose non-quest mobs so I wouldn't be hampering any levelers should they choose to quest through here.  I'm not actually sure WHY you were out there, to be honest.

But really...when you caught on that I was skinning mobs and just doing my own thing, you swooped in to begin killing the same mobs, purposely not looting them, and then laughing at me because you were inconveniencing me, confirmed through a whisper where you admitted you were doing it on purpose to force slower respawns on mobs by leaving the dead ones untouched until they despawned.

What, are we back in elementary school?  Really?  I'm more amazed at the pettiness than I am annoyed at what actually happened, now.

PS: is that "dead bodies = slower mob respawns" even still a thing?  If so, your actions are the equivalent of leaving your burrito in the microwave to try and slow down the next person on their lunch break...

PPS: Now I want a burrito, thanks.
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(no subject) [Jul. 26th, 2014|07:56 pm]

A handful of short ones.

Dear You #1,

It is not a personal attack on your guild if I don't want to join it, though attacking me because I politely say "no thanks" makes my opinion of said guild plummet.

PS: try recruiting WITHOUT that addon and actually TALK to the people you're inviting, it's more personal and those sorts catch my attention way more than a canned form whisper does.

Dear You #2,

No, hunters really don't need to wear cloth.  I don't care that it has agility on it, that's a leftover from vanilla days.  Agi cloth is useless except for transmog, your toon could wear mail at the time of this incident, NO EXCUSE FOR A HUNTER TO WEAR CLOTH.

Dear You #3,

Stamina does not a tankadin make.  Stamina on anything but plate MOST DEFINITELY does not a tankadin make.

Dear you #4,

No, I'm not a [insert 5-word long racial, sexual, gender-based slur] because I happen to have a rare mount.  I don't even know where you were standing when you saw me, because all I was doing at the time was mounting up to fly to the freaking leatherworking trainer, then your whisper comes out of the blue and my "...excuse me?" return whisper was immediately met with "Toon is ignoring you."  I...I don't even...

At least have the dang cohones to stand behind your (uncalled for) insults, yeesh.

My job kind of made me take an impromptu vacation from WoW, "good" to see it's still business as usual.  >>;
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Dear wannabe tanks [Jul. 21st, 2014|02:49 pm]

1) Your PVP crap and a fury spec do NOT make you a SOO tank.
2) Your DPS crap, a few dodge greens, no gems or chants, and HP less than my I dont give a shit I'm waiting for warlords and leveling a toon the old fashioned way lock Do NOT make you a SOO tank
3) Your resto leather does not make you a SOO tank.

Dear wannabee heals. Triage is important.

Dear wanana be deepss. I Don't freaking CARE if its fvxxing ur meters, move out of the shit. MOVE OUT OF THE SHIT. Except for mal, MOVE INTO HIS SHIT.

6.0 has not happened yet creature features. Your gear actually needs to be relevant to your role. You need at least a token understanding of mechanics. SOO will reward your stupidity with wipe after wipe.

Signed, that idiot who thought "oh gearing toon 8 since i have nearly all the mog sets i want wont be a big deal" and who has never been so damned wrong
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To the only Resto Shaman who has ever raided HC and does LFR on an alt ... [Jul. 1st, 2014|12:47 am]

Dear Jïnxed of Saurfang,

Profanity and such ...Collapse )

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(no subject) [Jun. 13th, 2014|10:59 am]

Dear Hatemachine (with a special character) - Blackrock,

Thank you for reinforcing my belief that PuG tanks are entitled asshats who get their jollies by shitting on other people. Five minutes into a Razorfen Downs run and you start complaining about how horrible the DPS is. I should know better than to engage people who complain about numbers at Vanilla levels, but call it a lapse in judgement. I ask what you expect at level 42, and you start in on how you're doing six times my damage. I'm a fire mage; what the fuck do you want from me?

No, really. I have all of three skills at my level, and no AoE. What do you want, top-end damage? Oh, that's right. Of course you do.

And of course, one of you pipes up with "Go frost!!", because picking a spec isn't about what you like, but what everyone else insists is "THE BEST!!!1". You're crucified if you dare to choose anything else. Also for the record, your beloved ~*~Frost~*~ spec doesn't do a lot of DPS at that level either. Mages are pretty much fucked at low levels. I say I'm not going Frost. I don't like it, I don't want to play it.

And here we go: I must be a noob, I need to l2p, people like me are what's killing this game, I should get the fuck out if I'm not going to "step it up" and pull my weight, blah blah blah. I left, because I'm just so weary of the mockery I get from people like you. I'm sure you had a good laugh and felt like you showed me, but I don't even care.

I think this time I'm done. Once my paid time runs out, I'm bidding this game a not-so-fond farewell after seven years. I'm sick of nasty tanks who feel entitled to degrade everyone else for not pulling the numbers they do at low levels. I'm sick of the way everyone kisses their asses simply because they're tanks. I'm sick of the insistence on the "best" spec only. I think I'm finally sick of this game.

I suppose what I should actually be thanking you for is helping me to come to that realization.

Wishing you all the worst DPS,
The mage you so enjoyed picking on.
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Dear...Tank. [Apr. 30th, 2014|04:53 pm]

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Dear Tank

Next time you decide to grace a dungeon with your presence as a tank please learn to:

1) Listen to the Healer when they say wait they need mana. Especially if they have to change specs just after Zoning in.

I was practically oom when I zoned in since I was in shadow spec and out questing when my dungeon popped up. I sat down to drink.. and you were gone.. pulling the snakes at the bottom of the ramp and the boss all together. :|

2) TURN ON BLOOD PRESENCE! For crying out loud.

You spent the WHOLE time in Gundrak in Unholy Presence.. even though I asked you nicely in Chat to change over. I asked you in a whisper as well. And yet you carried on chain pulling. Aggro was EVERYWHERE!

No Love,
The Annoyed Healer
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Grawr! [Apr. 8th, 2014|12:18 am]


Dear... pretty much everyone complaining about the updated models.

I know you've gotten attached to your character. I have, too. I think, as a role-player, I've put a lot more time and effort into visualizing my characters look, because that's what I do. I write about them, I create their stories, I treat them like I would treat my children... if I had any, and I wasn't afraid of having CPS called on me for the horrible things I put them through. I love my characters, I've worked hard on how they look and feel.

Read more...Collapse )

I do still want a new face option for the female worgen that gets rid of the coked-up chihuahua look. I hope whoever made that choice for them was fired, ffs. >.>

P.S: Revisting Blackhand's model would be nice. He's gorgeous (artistically, not orcishly), but was the Deathwing palette actually needed? Alternately, the fact that no one just saw my lore-squeal as my mind made an impossible connection was probably a good thing. Eh, I don't care. Blackhand is an AU Deathwing sent from a different parallel timeline - I'm calling it now! (I'm only mostly kidding. I'd say it isn't possible, but with Blizz pulling out the time travel card and parallel universes... is it really impossible?)
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