Matojo (kittysaysno) wrote in dear_gnome,

Dear Aatrox (Bonechewer), Balloonhands (Feathermoon), and Itsherbal (Feathermoon):

Actually I know what I'm doing when I'm not surrounded by assholes TYVM

a)  I mis-judged the pull on the elemental in the Steelbender's room.  Fuck off, you've probably done it, too.

b)  I was doing just fine until that room.

c)  I would've lived if you hadn't been too busy typing dickish shit at me to do your jobs

d)  I'm SO SORRY me waiting for the RIGHT TIME to pull was such a terrible thing for you like wow

In short, choke on a bag of dicks and step on all the legos ever

no love,

Matojo of Thorium Brotherhood

P.S. I HATE PEOPLE this toon is never going to hit 90 JFC
Tags: fail dps, fail healer, how rude!, name and shame, raaaage, screw this server

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