Fao (malrai) wrote in dear_gnome,

Dear healers,

The first of which was a shaman. You were raging all through the Nexus about being silenced by the mobs, blaming it on the tank, etc etc etc. I don't suppose you understood that you could have stood a few more yards away and been just fine? Either way, when the tank went brb for a minute, you proceeded to pull the next few packs back to us, then dropped group.

Second healer came in. This time a priest. Tank is still brb. You call us all a train of slurs for making you wait too long (it was one minute bro and most of us were still running back), did the same thing, then dropped.

Fuck you and the horses you rode in on.


the baby DK who at least hit 72 before dropping, no thanks to you douchebananas.
Tags: fail healer, priest, pugs, raaaage, shaman

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