sincere_pain (sincere_pain) wrote in dear_gnome,

Get your kicking boots on!

Dear fellow timewalkers,

Sometimes, it's okay to kick people, I promise.

You don't have to settle in for an absolutely miserable 20+ minutes just because you want to save your precious vote for a rainy day. (Hint: it's bucketing cats, dogs, little old ladies, and harrows. Just to mix my hyperboles here.)

When the hunter just won't stop barraging in That Corridor In Stonecore, despite wiping the group three times already and being nicely asked not to? We don't have to do it two more times again.

When a hybrid queues in as both healer and dps, gets selected for healer, and won't actually heal "because it's okay, stuff dies so fast I don't need to", and then when wipes happen tries to bully the queued-as-deeps-and-is-deepsing hybrid to heal? We can kick them and get an actual healer!

When an off-off-off-spec tank sees the call to arms light up and queues faster than a greased lightning, doesn't need to know no stinkin' tactics and won't listen to none, either, and after dying two times per pull per boss? We don't have to keep wiping here, we can get a new one in two minutes if you'd just kick them!

The way-under-level-100 person who queues in to /follow afk, because they can't wrap their heads around how timewalking works and expects to be boosted by actual proper level hundreds because scaling is not a thing? Why, why can't we kick them and get a person who's looking to actually participate in some light dungeoning?!

the altoholic who's seen way too much
Tags: fail dps, fail healer, fail tank, game mechanics, how i mine for fish?

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