sincere_pain (sincere_pain) wrote in dear_gnome,

Give you WHAT NOW?!

Dear in-game acquaintance,

My one true love in this world, the wardrobe, was announced almost a year ago. I squee'd the news to you. All I've been talking about since then is how happy it makes me and how I'll collect all the things into it. I've been reminding everyone to hang on to old mats when leveling alts/timewalking, so they, too, can craft all the things and be happy when the prepatch finally drops.

So now, only weeks away from said prepatch, you whisper me to ask if I have old mats. I don't mind giving someone a helping hand here or there, so I ask what you need. Anything I have, really, you say, since you know I "collect shit".

*screeching halt*

I'm so deep in the guess end of the ask/guess dichotomy that it's not even funny, but after a cup of tea and some serious side-eyeing, I'm pretty sure even the most happy-go-lucky asker would deem asking an avid collector to drop several banks worth of mats a month before they become really valuable, as the kids these days say, "rude as fuq".

the hoarder with a plan
who will have the fullest, vastest, most shiniest wardrobe
Tags: how rude!

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