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Anybody Wanna Run Mythics? Horde Side: Wyrmrest Accord

(Apologies in advance if you see this twice. I also posted to wow_ladies, since there are not very many WoW communities active on LJ these days. Or, well, to be honest, hardly any communities at all.)

Hiya! I know the community here has been pretty empty -- *starts dusting stuff off* -- but I wanted to see if anybody might be interested in running Mythics. See, Life Happened, and my polyfamily has only recently gotten our Hordies up to 110 and geared up relatively decently. We have some quests now to go into Mythics and later Mythic+, and I'd personally like to see about a regular run. Again, this is Horde side, and we play on Wyrmrest Accord; I am the GM for our guild, The Order of Lost Souls. We're open to cross-guild and cross-realm folks, too!

My main is a tankadin, my gf's is a hunter, my other gf's a boomkin, and my lovely wife has a boomkin as well (although she is willing to learn to heal if needed). My wife's work schedule is a bit odd. She has Weds, Thurs, and Sun off. Possible combinations are of those days, or of both weekend days with another person to fill in for my wife (although, if it is not ridiculously late, she can likely make it on Saturday). Nothing is set in stone yet!

We are both night owls, and we are on Pacific Time. Ideally, we would start no earlier than 7pm PST, and I prefer 8-9pm myself, but I can be convinced. ;)

A little bit about us: We all have a lot of raiding experience behind us, although we have all hit the point of burn out on raid leading. I believe I'm the one who said that I have hit my permanent cat herding limit, lol. We're a very close-knit group, and while we believe in bringing our A-Game, we also have no patience for people who take things Way Too Damn Seriously. It's a game, FFS. It's supposed to be fun, not make high school drama look reasonable, yeesh. We have, in the past, decided to call it a night because people were frustrated to the point of tears on a particularly rough boss. Our raiders/groupmates and their well-being come first. Better to take care of our people and just come back another day. Again, it's a game. If people aren't having fun? There's a problem.

As far as roles for folks who are interested, we're flexible. Well, okay, except for me. I am the tank, because absolutely nobody wants to see my disturbing, terrifying, and by all accounts whimper-worthy attempts at healing. A prior guildie once made me promise to never, ever, ever heal while she was in party with me again, and did she mention ever? My attempts at ret pallying are about as pitiful... as in, I'm pretty sure I came in way before the disc priest. *cringe*

That said, I have health issues, and should someone really love their tank off-spec and want to play sometime, I'm cool with sitting out on occasion. :)

As a general rule, we are totally willing to work with folks if response to this post surprises me with multiple responses. I don't mind sitting out, and as others in my household have health issues too, we can figure out how to balance things, especially if people are familiar with multiple specs/roles. I've played as stand-by for raids before, and it was super annoying to basically never get to go unless someone had an emergency. So, I don't want to do that to anybody else. Myself, I prefer to have stand-by folk available just in case, and I am of the strong opinion that folks who stick around online in case we need them should have the raid/group leadership arrange for them to join in the fun, even if they may not come as often. Though, I know some people who actively like that, because they want to see content but not be dedicated to coming once or more a week.

I'll also add that should there be interest from cross-guild/realm folks, I'll pick out a calendar add-on similar to the in-game one, so that people can note down their availability. I'm not quite sure how to handle cost of repairs for those cross-guild/realm, since we do cover raid repairs in-guild (primarily, this is paid for by me, as playing the AH is a hobby). If it is an issue or concern for some, do let me know, and I can see about coming up with an option. Right off the top of my head, if this is allowed in mythics/+, perhaps handing over items nobody needs to those non-guildies to sell. (I would be interested in hearing thoughts on this in general, if anybody has any.)

I should note that as well as being a polyfamily, we are queer, most of us are trans* or genderfluid, many of us have disabilities, and we have various mental health issues (and neurodivergence). We have ZERO tolerance for *isms of any kind (but I should also add we aren't the type to rip people a new one if they legitimately did not know something was offensive; it happens to everyone... but, if it repeatedly happens, there's gonna be a problem).

I also want to note that NOBODY is required to leave their guild or realm to join ours. This isn't a raid group; since we are looking at 5 man progression through Mythics and Mythics+, we aren't going to make people leave a guild or realm they're already happy with. However, folks are also welcome should they like to join (although if you would be looking at transferring a character, I suggest testing the waters with an alt first).

Our rules are simple: Don't be a jerk, and don't be *ist or say *ist things. We are, however, an 18+ guild, and topics about kink and poly and sex do sometimes come up, just so you're prepared. I should also add I do my best to keep the guild bank stocked for repair money. If this is a biggie for folks, I'll see if I can work something out (such as items needs going to cross-realm/guild members to sell).

Okay! If this sounds interesting, please go ahead and reply here, or you can contact me via Battle.net at Vervain#1533 or on Discord at Vervain#3095. :)

As a note, my gf Mia (the boomkin) has a bunch of Alliance 110s that she would love to get into Mythics (preferably different days than our Hordies!). I think that Mia and my wife are the only ones who have 110s that are at all Mythic-ready. Mia has a hunter and a rogue at level, ready to go. If anybody has an existing Ally Mythic group that could use another person, or a stand-by, please contact her at Abragian#1484. As a note, her Alliance characters are on the Thorium Brotherhood server, not Wyrmrest Accord.

Thanks all! Merry Massacring! :)

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