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Dear_Gnome: An open letter community for WoW [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Dear_Gnome: An open letter community for WoW

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(no subject) [Nov. 11th, 2015|11:06 pm]
Dear_Gnome: An open letter community for WoW

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Dear Arthas:

After almost a year of farming you (more if you count running multiple characters some weeks), I have your horse.

And it loves me more than it ever could for you.

No love,

Frostshard the DK
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EEEEEEE! [Nov. 5th, 2015|05:32 pm]
Dear_Gnome: An open letter community for WoW


Dear everyone sporting a raging hate-boner for Blizzard:


(I don't even know if this is a legit post, I'm just giddy as hell and my household is tired of hearing me shriek BLIZZCON! every few hours.)
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(no subject) [Oct. 2nd, 2015|08:22 am]
Dear_Gnome: An open letter community for WoW


Dear tank and 2 dps guild group that my friend and I zoned into a random with:

I think you might need some ice for that burn I just gave you, which is especially awesome as as a resto druid I really shouldn't be burning things so well.  (At most, it's usually ME in tree form getting a little on the singed side.)

You see, you were the unfortunate pack of entitlement guildies that everyone has the misfortune to find themselves partnered with from time to time, so when I asked politely if you could all stop incessently /rolling and filling the window with numbers spam, your reponses were "We're having fun.  Chill" and "If you don't like it, leave."  When I both responded that "Well, I'M certainly not having fun" and "No" to being told to leave, you, so very predictably, tried to kick me.  However, you didn't realize the other DPS was my friend (since he's playing Horde incognito right now and doesn't even have a guild), so when he failed to vote yes to kick ME, you kicked HIM instead.  I worked out with him what happened pretty fast, and so thus, I began the burn...

... I put up a vote kick for the most obnoxious of the three of you (a warlock named Aflicmyclit, who I also reported for innapropriate name), BUT I gave the reason as "Dick healer".

So of course your stupid, vindictive asses votekicked your own friend because you didn't read the name, and you couldn't votekick any more people!  You were stuck with me unless YOU left.

I didn't stick around for long of course, just long enough to inform you just how much of a degree of idiocy that you all possessed, and to /lol at both of you several times.  Surprisingly, you had nothing to say to me at all after that!

So yes, sweet, sweet revenge for my poor friend who didn't deserve to be kicked, and who laughed harder than I did when I told him what I'd done to restore his honor. :)

~Still Smiling, Sunstone the Mooleydrooid of Kirin Tor

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Not sure if stupid or trolling... [Aug. 22nd, 2015|10:39 am]
Dear_Gnome: An open letter community for WoW

[Tags|, ]

Dear brick wall (against which I will not bother to bash my head),

Legion speculation being discussed on trade chat is nothing new. However, your little gem of an opinion gave me a case of serious "huh?"-face.

You declared that Blizzard needs to remove transmogging from the game. Because it has ruined the game. Because hunter tier sets are ugly.

It was pointed out that that's exactly why transmogging is a good thing. You can transmog to any available piece of mail and make yourself a great look.

But no. Transmogging needs to be removed because hunter tiers are ugly and you don't want to transmog them.

It was at this point I left the channel, but rock on, you special little snowflake, you.

Still chuckling,
the most awesomest-mogged warlock
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(no subject) [Aug. 20th, 2015|03:13 pm]
Dear_Gnome: An open letter community for WoW

dear gnomes, these truly are the end times... Read more...Collapse )
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Dear... people. [Aug. 7th, 2015|02:09 am]
Dear_Gnome: An open letter community for WoW

I'd really like to be able to talk about a game in a thread without feeling like the only one who is actually having fun and enjoying themselves. I know you guys have complaints about Blizzard and the expansions, and to a certain length I can agree with them...

... but if every post you make is about how Blizzard is catering to the whiners, about how they screw up their own lore (not a fanfic, guys... it's their lore to mess up/recreate/whatever), about how even the one thing that midly interested you wasn't done in time to keep you paying for the game? It might be time to go find something to talk about to make you happy.

I'm really, really excited for this upcoming expansion... and it kills me that I seem to be the only one able to find even a little thing to be happy about without putting up everything that sucks. I'm sorry you guys aren't having fun but... can't I?

(P.S. No orcs. NO orcs. Can I just make happy noises about that for a moment? Sure, Gul'dan, but NO ORCS. THEY AVOIDED EVEN UTTERING THE WORD PAST MENTION OF GUL'DAN.)
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(no subject) [Aug. 3rd, 2015|04:53 pm]
Dear_Gnome: An open letter community for WoW

Dear people from the various Mythic: Everbloom groups I've been part of the past few days,

Yes, it's the same old dungeon, but things hit harder and have more health. *You* didn't get stronger just because it's a harder dungeon; you actually got weaker in the eyes of the dungeon denizens. For whatever reason it felt like a lot of people thought (going by behaviour/attitude) because you were doing a Mythic dungeon you just ... somehow became "Mythic" (whatever that means) yourself.

Tanks: use your damn CDs.

Healers: if you're on 90% mana and we die there was more you could do. Don't give me that "efficient healing" nonsense when we're wiping because you didn't want to spam your inefficient heal on the tank or use a raid CD at "not the right time" (???).

DPS: understand that even if you're the king of LFR you might still be challenged in a dungeon that was designed to be difficult for *you*. "Damage is a bit low" is a blanket statement which means group damage is a bit low - if you took it personally then yeah, it probably applies to you.

Everyone: please do the mechanics if we're undergeared and/or have low damage and/or we're not very good at our classes. 685? 695? 705 item level? None of it means anything if you can't do what is required to kill the boss.

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(no subject) [Jul. 22nd, 2015|10:35 pm]
Dear_Gnome: An open letter community for WoW

Dear dude,

"Dude" because I don't even remember your name or class, only your actions from that heroic run I didn't finish. I hope you don't treat the women in your real like the way you seem to from our interaction, though I'm sadly sure you do.

Person One: Sorry for my dps, texting people. Why do girls not like wow?
Me, joking (but really): Haha, I'm a girl.
Dude: Are you under 120?
Me: 120 what?
Dude: pounds
Me: Seriously?
Dude: Yeah, you're 300
Me: I'm a yoga instructor, figure it out yourself
Dude: So 300 lbs
Dude: Whats the pose with your pelvis on the ground and your head in the air?
Me: What, you mean sitting?

Look. I know you were talking about cobra/Bhujangasana/whatever you want to call it. But the second you start falling back on sexist jokes about women playing video games, is the second I stop taking you seriously - especially when you try to test me on my own personal knowledge to screw with my head. The "joke" that only fat, ugly women play WoW is old and tired. Whether I fall into either of those categories is irrelevant. Whether you actually believe what you are spewing is irrelevant. It is offensive anyway. I don't give a shit what you think of me, but dude. Stop. You're not funny.

No love,
Another lady sick of the "women don't play WoW" crap
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GREETINGS MORTALS!! [Jul. 4th, 2015|11:41 am]
Dear_Gnome: An open letter community for WoW


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(no subject) [Jun. 1st, 2015|10:46 pm]
Dear_Gnome: An open letter community for WoW

Dear Orgruk - Malorne,

Oh, there's a special place in MMO Hell for you, sir. Using your "insta Q" to get away from a gank, leaving the rest of the group you just took advantage of in the lurch. At least tank the nine-minute dungeon for us while we're here, or don't gloat about your "clever" escape and leave. I would have assumed you just didn't want to do the dungeon if you didn't say anything.

I hope you get corpse-camped all night. I also hope your repair bill is astronomical.

No love at all,
the DK
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