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LFR why you been so bad last few weeks? You were semi ok there for a while there.

Dear mages, shamans and anyone else who can dispell beneficial magic off enemy targets,

When the DK has to swap in her icy touch glyph and do your job for you it's time to delete your toon, especially when after the first wipe you were all told to dispel...only for us to hit enrage again because no body dispelled even with half a dozen people yelling in raid chat.  Admittedly the tanks weren't helping by leaving them too close to the healing pools when they spawned but dispelling the increased healing effect means we were a least able to out DPS the healing and kill them.

The highly unimpressed DK who dispelled every plus healing buff during that third pull.

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Another post... But kinda happy!

Dear LFD,

I finally hit 55! Yay! I just recently finished the DK starting area! Double yay! And even better yay, I queued for my first random dungeon and after the first few pulls was doing pretty well on DPS! We downed some bosses in... well, I don't know the names, but it was fun! And then... the tank and healer dropped.

Okay, no big deal, let's try again! Get the same dungeon... tank and healer drop at the same place.

Alright LFD... C'mon now...

Get the same dungeon again, tank and healer drop in the same place. AGAIN.

I'm feeling pretty good about myself guys, and I promise I'm not entirely made of fail, so can we please finish a dungeon? ;_;

No love,
Eutychia, the Goblin who just wants to LEVEL.

Low level groups.

Dear low level instance groups,

OK, I was super excited to play my monk tonight. I really enjoy tanking on her.
But for the love of sparkly things, can you not give me FIVE seconds to grab my loot before you start heading off, bitching about how I am a slow tank and pulling for me? I am grabbing loot. I am not sitting here reading the entire works of Shakespeare backwards in braille.

Not to mention, it is really hard to grab aggro back once you pull for me, so yeah... healer... when you pull for me because I DARED grab my loot, you don't get to then cry because you have aggro. It doesn't work that way.

No love, and lots of fire for you to stand in...
- An angry panda who just wants to level.
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Dear Healers,

I know some of you got to DPS a bit to build up Chi or something (though it can be built other ways), but for the love of ever living frost, STOP PULLING FOR THE TANK!

The baby gnome Frost Mage

Dear people in LFR,

Why are you not kicking people who need to be kicked?!

I know that loot is now a non-issue so people aren't going all out to kick competition and that's great, that's awesome, I really do love that fact.  But when three of the six healers are DPS playing the queue jumping game it is still going to effect your ability to get loot because we are not going to be able to kill bosses.

Earlier today when I did LFR I was one of the three healers that were actually healing people, and yes, we did managed to actually three heal Stoneguard but that is not the point.  Afterward two of us pointed out the three 'healers' that should have been healing but weren't and asked that they be kicked and not a single one of them was kicked, votes popped up for two of them but they didn't pass and the other one didn't even get enough votes to initiate a kick.  There was no guild groups, nothing to explain why they were not removed. 

Other than apathy that is.

It was at this point one of the actual healers just quietly left.

The tank bored of waiting I suppose decided to pull Feng with only two healers and I decided to do something I rarely do and left after a boss was pulled but fuck it I was not attempting to two heal a boss.

This isn't the first instance of this strange reluctance to kick people that I've noticed either. 


The actual healer who does get that DPS and tank queues are crazy long atm but for the love of little green apples that's no excuse to make someone else's job harder.

PS - why when I queue with DPS am I suddenly getting 'their' queue times, instead of 'my' healer queue times?  Used to be I could queue with them to shorten their queues but now it seems to be reversed, even when I'm only queuing with one or two DPS.  This makes me sad because I would happily re-do LFR if I was still in need of VP and someone in my guild wanted a healer queue but for the last week or so it hasn't worked.

Dear self,

I can not believe you chose one of the most grindy-est things to do in MoP as your 'thing' to do.  Seriously you are crazy.  At this rate you are going to end up with that mount in your bags before you even have the August Celestials rep to learn it. 


The shaman who just needs one more freaking skyshard before she can have her very own Alani look-a-like mount.
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Dear healer,

Things you didn't know:
1. I've never been in this dungeon before.
2. I have that addon that sounds an alarm when you stand in bad.

We're killing a trio of mobs and my alarm starts screaming, so I moved. This was a bad idea as my alarm screamed louder, so I tried to go a different direction. Too late, I'm dead.

Thanks for the rez, but I could have done without the "I know Blizzard has made my heals more powerful, but I still can't heal stupid." I debated telling you the things you didn't know, but decided you probably wouldn't care. Instead I said "too bad they can't make you polite".

We continue the dungeon in silence, but I noticed I'm not the only one eating floor. The tank, the guy you should be spending most of your healing on, is right beside me. He finally drops without a word.

You? "lol he dropped because I didn't heal him"

Somehow I don't think I'm the stupid in this equation.

No love,
A "stupid" spacegoat
Resto Shaman

Dear "Healer"

Dear Healer... 

When I zone into Temple of the Jade Serpent as enhance on my dorf shammy I don't expect to spend all my maelstrom procs on having to heal myself as you run around like a chicken with it's head cut off. 

Yeah I know the tank was a little... all over the place but still would have killed you to send SOME heals my way?

Oh and on the Sha of Doubt at the end.. you really should cleanse the debuff off of people that he puts on us. It would save you mana in the long run if that's what you were worried about and the fact it would let the dps that got it to actually get back to doing their job instead of standing outside of the group away from the boss since yeah.. AoE damage. 

Then you got the debuff on yourself and you went and stood in with the melee and the tank. What were you thinking?!

No Love,
The Dorf Enhance Shammy that was only after Motes of Harmony to make the shiny off hand for her other shaman.


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Dear Gnomies,

Do... do you get a message when you've been vote-kicked? Not necessarily a reason, but even just a 'you have been removed from the party' message?
Because I think... I think, but I am not actually certain, that I was just kicked from a group for the first time in my WoW career. I have no idea why. We had just killed the second-to-last boss and my healing was fine. No one had died - hell, I was DPSing occasionally since they were barely taking any damage at all. I hadn't needed on a single item, and no one had even said a word in party chat since one of the DPS complained about the random mail drops near the beginning of the instance.
This is going to bug me for the rest of the night. I don't know what happened! Was it because I was the only non-monk in the group? Was my occasional chain lightning disrupting your chi? Was your supreme chillness being melted by my searing totem? What did I do wrong? Why won't you love me?

Weeping gently,

Jingshi, the sad panda.
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Resto druids, mushrooms, and when not to use them

Dear self,

Yes. Mushrooms are tasty. Mushrooms that can heal a bunch of people when triggered are even better. But like all other shiny toys, there is a time and place where one should use them. Detonating a trio of mushrooms to heal your guildmates right before they went for a new slime during H-Yor'sahj might've worked out if it wasn't for one tiny problem--namely, that everyone had that "heal this person too much and she goes BOOM!" debuff from the purple slime.

Congratulations on killing seven out of ten people with one heal, m'dear.