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*Diabolical cackling.*

Over a year. Over a YEAR, Kael'thas! Over a year of coming and smashing your stupid elvish face in, over and over and over and over and over, once a week, sometimes more than once a week depending on if Deathy was up to using his alts.

And you FINALLY got sick of it and forked over the Ashes.

Califa, doth6

That's a new one

Dear Bhm, Portaljockey, and Cowhealz of Stormreaver:

I just wanted some TB rep on my warrior. I was VERY CLOSE to exalted with TB, I figured a heroic dungeon run would be great for finishing it off.

I queue up and get Scarlet Halls. Okay. I run in and ... the entryway is clear. Okay, you must be further in, let me ... a hunter asks where everyone is, but I ignore as I'm running to find you guys. Hunter drops.

I find that everything is clear up to the Armsmaster, and oops, I pull the adds in the hallway, trying to figure out where you are. I'm not really well geared on her, but I know where my cooldowns are, and surprisingly, I manage to kill all 5 of them, on my own. (thank god for rallying cry and potions). I tell you that you can come back now.


2 of you are in Valley of Honor, and one of you is in the Tavern in the Mists, AFK. The paladin is ret, the druid is heals thankfully, and the warlock is DPS. I certainly didn't queue as tank. So the ret was tanking in dps? but now you're out of the instance. And aren't coming back, apparently. Since I'm not lead, I can't take us out of queue, or requeue us. I decide to file a ticket. I am not interested in dropping and getting the debuff.

While I'm doing that, an ele shaman, Garshaman from Lothar, joins, as we've finally apparently requeued. I tell him quickly while I'm filling out the ticket that you all are afk asshats. He does the same thing I did, and pulls the trash in the hallway toward the last boss, but runs back to me. I finally think I filed the ticket and close it, but I die after him. I tell him that I was busy with the ticket, and lay there dead on the ground while I start up another one (looks like the first didn't actually submit). He comes back, and rezzes me.

We discuss, for a while, what to do. Neither of us wants the debuff, or to put another group into this merry band of asshats. I watch the pathers. We realize we can single pull down this hallway, with him hexing and me dpsing. We manage that hallway fine.

Then it's the Scarlet Scholars and Pupils. I taunt and hide for an LoS pull, and then bladestorm like mad. They all die pretty quickly. I don't have Bladestorm for the next set, but we pull and get them down in relatively short order (Thank you, Victory Rush!). I decide to go Prot for the boss, mainly to keep threat off you and for hopefully less damage taken! It takes a bit, as we're both pulling only about 44k dps, but we get him down, and finish the instance!

Now there's no way anyone else can get pulled into this run and be stuck like we were!

Thanks for deciding to help me finish it, Garshaman. You were great, even telling me to wait for Ancestral Guidance to be off cooldown so you could help heal us while you dps'd. /highfive

Califa, arms warrior from Llane
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Dear Timeless Isle:

I just jumped on my Mage to run the holiday event and poke around a bit grabbing a few more coins. The first two rares I killed gave me a Burden of Eternity each. Whoa! I decided to stick around and see if my luck held for the next Huolon spawn.

It did.

Mama's got a brand new mount. :D

Best. WoW night. Ever!

Pikachu, I choose you!

Dear Shado-Pan Monastery group,

Thank you for what was the most pleasant dungeon run I've had in ages. ^^

When we entered the Snowdrift dojo for the ever-so-tedious student gauntlet, the shadowpriest noted that it was a Pokemon gym. I was seriously smiling the whole fight while we tossed around ideas which group memeber was which pokemon.

I'm sure no one ever won a badge with a team of charmander, blastoise, pikachu, haunter and nidoking, but, y'know, we had fun.

your resto shammy the blastoise
Iris #1

Dear Onyxia

I wasn't going to visit you at all this week, since I had to log out before I had a chance to pay my "respects" to you the other night and had every intention of taking full advantage of the xp boost on my baby DK this week, but when my mage logged in to get her 9th Anniversary achievement and I was right outside your cave, well...who can resist?

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Still grinning and blushing at the sound that came out of my mouth when I saw the reins drop,
Rose cup

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Dear Houlon,

You have no idea about the noise I made when I saw you'd dropped the reins!

The excited, squeeing hunter


Stop being a basket of nerves about dungeons. You need to do them in order to gear up, and what are the chances people are going to truly be an ass to you? Yes, back when you were doing Cata content enough people were asses when you mentioned not knowing the dungeons to make you say "screw it" and start soloing...but the times you've done group stuff no-one's said anything nasty since - plus you always seem to wind up in the middle/upper part of the Celestial raid groups you're in [which, as always, seem to be short on healers] so it's not like you're doing absolutely horrid DPS.

So get it together already.

Team Illidan

Dear RNG

I've gotten a couple Burdens, several pieces of gear I needed from LFR, a dagger that I can transmog to match the rest of my gear, and with a few more JP I'll be able to replace my last blue trinket with a much nicer one. I don't know why you're being so nice to me, but I just want you to know I'm grateful.

Much love,
The warlock who works third shift and misses all the cool raids