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Seriously Blizz?

So dailies resetting at 3 am EST was always annoying. But hey, at least the farm and profession dailies reset at midnight, right? A logical time, instead of arbitrarily going off a PST time zone on an EST server? ....oh wait, no, you hotfixed that so everything happens at 3 am my time. Awesome. 4 am during daylight savings, just to rub it in.

But now? I logged in at 5:30 this morning, because I leave for work at 7 am, and won't be home until VERY late tonight (midnight, 1 am?) and will be way too tired then. Aaaaaand nothing's reset. Buuhhhhh? Let's check the Googles!

Google tells me everything now resets at 3 am PST. WTF. Really? Did you decide 3 am EST wasn't arbitrary enough?  Fine. Fine, by now it's 10 minutes till 6, I'll tab out and read Facebook while I wait.

6 am rolls around and my crops start ripening. Awesome! Except...where's my daily to harvest them for rep? ....oh. Dailies reset at SEVEN BLOODY AM NOW because of Daylight Savings Time.

What the hell, Blizz. Screw doing dailies in the morning anymore. (And before anyone tells me "just skip a day, then you can do them in the morning!" I like having the option to do them WHEN I WANT TO DO THEM during the day. Telling half the country "nope, you don't get a choice, pick morning or afternoon/evening" is bullshit.)

Dear Gnomes and Dear Blizzard:

Congratulations on killing my excitement and interest in this expansion at last. It took longer than Cata by two whole months!

Look, I've been with this game since Vanilla, and I've stuck around for all the highs and all the lows. I remember way too much shit I hated about this game, and I remember even more things I adored about it, too.

But I... don't know that I can keep doing this. I'll probably feel differently tomorrow, or in a week or two, but.

Congratulations on 5.1 being the patch I'll remember as "That Big Giant Crushing Disappointment."

The bosses you said would be solo-able? Particularly with mechanics like the Twin Emperors? Yeah, no. You failed on that. I'm lucky I was on my frost DK and had my roommate for the ooze in AQ, and we barely skated by on the Twins by out-dpsing the healing.

You nerfed XP gain for pet leveling so much it's not even worth bothering.

The pets you promised and the bugs you kept assuring me through ticket replies, posts, and patch notes that would be addressed?

You ignored the lot of them, broke them worse, or just plain decided to ignore the comments from the community.

What the hell--who thought putting the new pets on spawn timers like the Minfernal and Scourged Whelpling was good? I was looking forward to more collecting, more leveling, and some new stuff for my characters. I'm tired of camping. I'm tired of the waiting and the hoping and the doing tapdances through flaming hoops to see spawns (or not, as usually is the case). Pets should be plentiful, respawn quickly, and if you have to do the stupid RNG dance, then stick to the quality of the pet being tied to RNG.

This is supposed to be fun. A mini-game. Not a job, not something I want to hurl across the room, and not something that makes me want to curl up from regret for even giving two shits about it.

Consider me:
Disgruntled, Disappointed, and Disgusted.
Stitch crying

Dear Silvermoon City

I updated my addons.
I turned all my graphics settings to low.
I turned every single addon I have off.
I updated my graphics card driver.

Why do you still hate me? Why am I stuck at 1 fps near the Spire? I thought we were friends. Now I can't even visit you without having to use my hearthstone just so I don't get stuck in a wall.

Giving you the crying Stitch icon till you're fixed,
The RPer who has an excuse to RP elsewhere for now.
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dear murphey

You can stop anytime you like, you and that law of yours. At the ER all night with sick baby, post OP appointment for Hubby, job interview for me I come home knowing sleep is no where in my future. And there, on the porch is a shiny new box just for me.

Its my copy of MoP! (Thank you amazon and your black Friday price that justified my splurge)

Installed, trainers visited, everything ready to go. Hop on my flight and................ NO FREAKIN PARACHUTES. Really? Two quests in and you're broken and I'm stuck...

/sad panda er.. draenei

Dear Blizzard:

Where is Deathy's Celestial Dragon pet.

You have no idea how much he wanted one, or how loudly he squeed when he realized how easy getting those ten pets would be come MoP, so he went a-hunting, a-taming, and a-bludgeoning until he could trap them.

Seriously, where is it. The achieve notification popped up, but Breanni never sent a letter.

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A Few Dear Gnomes

Dear RPers:

I have problems with the Theramore scenario, but they stem from personal reasons, not because the storyline sucks, or because I think Blizzard's going the wrong way with how they're working their game. (Except that Jaina's reaction in Tides of War was far more realistic than her reaction in the Alliance version. But that's another rant for another day.)

I play Horde. I play Alliance, too, but I started Horde, way back in classic Beta. (Test 11 server). I have a couple of 85 Alliance characters, because that's what my friends play, but mostly, I play Horde. And I'm having a lot of problems reconciling individual character reactions to what has been happening. 

I'll cut this for spoilers for those that haven't played the scenario yet, or read the book.

Collapse )

Dear Farstriders: 

Hello! After hearing about how good your RP is in various places (here, Warcraft Sues, the forums), I decided to give the realm a try. I'm not finding a lot of said RP, though I know we're in the twixt-xpac slump at the moment. I hope things pick up in the coming weeks, though. 

Hopefully yours,
A Wee Priestling

And a viciously deserved rant:

Dear DKs From A Couple Of Night Ago:

At the end of the night, when I'm spending my last ten minutes trying to post auctions before I log for sleep, and you keep spamming that bullshit bug at me, killing me upwards of seven times, I certainly hope you enjoy the ban sure to result from my multiple reports. 

DKs who avoided being assholes, and shield/rez-capable classes who were trying to help us lowbies during the griefing, thank you very much. It was appreciated.

Not happy.

Dear Blizzard,

I did not like you damned CRZ shit to begin with but todays events have not endeared it to me at all.  Today my shaman went out into the wilds of Azaroth, she was contemplating doing some digging, when all of a sudden a group of mages descended on my poor little shaman, who was in her pve gear and her resto spec, and killed her.  Dead.

Apparently I'd 'wandered onto' a pvp realm and was thus fair game...

For the love of little green apples I play on a pve realm because I don't know like world pvp!  You really need to get you act together with this CRZ shit, I should not be forced into a type of game play I hate just because you can't match like servers to like.  This come after losing out on the DMF rabbit kill and achievement thanks to a group of CRZ jerks who were realm hopping to find a rabbit that was up and who reset ours and then stole the tag and kill from my raid.

This shit is buggy as hell, being exploited by grifers and just a god damn piece of shit.

I want my mid pop, good economy, decent farming and not over the top competition for rares back or at the very least for you to sort out the steaming pile of shit that is CRZs.


The player who has only ever been this pissed off over the real id debacle.

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Dear MogIt,

Please get fixed soon; half the guild is getting antsy without you.

the transmog-obsessed.

Dear now all-grown-up bear,

Why are you so much fun? Is it the awesome, stripperiffic transmog? Is it the growlyburr form? All I know is that I find myself running dungeons with you instead of hitting the dummies to L2warlock again on my main which I jolly well should be doing...

your player, who doesn't want to get benched from the raid team
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Dear gnomes:

Is anyone else MASSIVELY disappointed that we have Pandaren sitting in Stormwind (and I assume Orgrimmar) with no quest chain or world event or ANYTHING to explain their presence?

Seriously, if the Theramore scenario is the only thing we get (and it's going to be available after the expansion drops, it's apparently not going away) then I will be HUGELY disappointed. Where's my world event?


Dear Blizz,

I know it's highly debatable and stuff, but once I figured out how my shadow priest worked, I think you hit the nail on the head. I'm having a TON of fun. I think it's probably broken, and I wouldn't be surprised, but I'm really, really enjoying playing her right now. Psyfiend. Trying to figure out how Devouring Plague works now and using Mind Blast on CD is so weird but it's so much fun!

As a side note... my bear got eaten in End Time a bunch yesterday. In a guild group, so it was totally fine, but two of my guildies were like @.@ you just got 2 shotted and we kind of stood there and I was scared to pull anything. >>; I think I'll have to tinker with her a LOT. However, I'm dpsing this weekend, so I'm not too worried. Just wondering where you hid 20% of my dodge. D:


The crazy priest running around Stormwind following the yellow feather road.